Von der Alb

The Celtic Chieftain

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As Divico the Tigurinus Wolf Herder impersonates a Celtic Chieftain, who successfully led battles against the Romans. Today he does not lead battles but he leads historically interested guests, nature enthusiasts and hikers along the traces of Riusiava the once largest Oppidum of central Europe.

Wolf Herder Keltenfürst
On the websites of Wolf Herder albgaestefuehrer.online and heidengraben-guide.online you can find out the dates of his upcoming guided tours about the Celts as well as other topics.

Where “Riusiava” once lay there are today the villages of Erkenbrechtsweiler, Hülben und Grabenstetten. In Erkenbrechtsweiler you can find a group of volunteer archeologists who research and present local history not only of the Celtic times.

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